Mobile Development for Business

Keepnetics specializes in Mobile solutions for business and will be happy to bring your idea to a successfully released app


Smartphones and apps have become an ordinary part of our lives more than a decade ago. Now there is a great variety of apps for every aspect of our lives and business apps take a considerable share of the mobile applications market.

Keepnetics specializes in Mobile solutions for business and will be happy to bring your idea to a successfully released app.

User Experience

Interface of a mobile app is the foundation stone of app success. Seamless user experience establishes lasting relationship between customers and business. That’s why thorough elaboration of use cases is a necessity before proceeding to development.

We follow the latest E-commerce & Retail Usability trends and use best practices like user-oriented approach to create intuitive and friendly interfaces.

App Benefits and Solutions

Mobile Applications ensure much closer interaction with users than websites. 

Here are a few examples of user engagement functionality:

  • Notify your customers about promotional discounts, sales and new products or services
  • Inform users via push notifications (which are viewed more often than SMS texts) 
  • Set up a convenient Chat-based Customer Support Solution 
  • Send invitations to your events that can be added to calendar 
  • Implement accumulative discount system and coupons within the app

Our project team will help you to select the most suitable ways to attract users for your field of business.

Choosing the Right Mobile OS

iOS and Android together take 95% of all Mobile platforms and the majority of apps is presented for these Operational Systems (OS). 

Based on actual mobile device usage statistics Keepnetics analytics help you to determine the platforms that your target audience uses in the selected regions.

There are two ways to create a Mobile app and we will help you to decide which one is the most suitable for you.

Native App Development

“Native Mobile Development” means that one version of the application is specifically developed for one platform (Android or iOS) using programming languages and development tools specific to each operational system. Native applications are fully compatible with device OS which enables access to system functions (calls, calendar, etc.) and hardware (camera, microphone, etc.)

Keepnetics development team uses Kotlin programming language for Android and Swift programming language for iOS.

Cross-platform App Development

A cross-platform app is a mobile solution that runs both on Android and iOS platforms. Major part of such apps is developed on JavaScript based framework called React Native. Usage of this framework considerably speeds up the development process but it is not fully compatible with smartphone OS and therefore has its limitations.

We use React Native framework to simultaneously launch apps on iOS and Android platforms.

Development and Maintenance

During the development phase Keepnetics team always maintains high standards of code quality based on Google Play and App Store guidelines. 

We implement durable and scalable architecture that assures compatibility with many iOS and Android versions as well as compliance to further OS updates which are quite frequent.

Our team is not only ready to develop a new app for you from scratch but also we can update and maintain your existing solution!

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