On average, it takes six months to set up a marketing department. Team members are picked up gradually and it delays a successful start. You should also bear in mind that the development of a strategy begins only after the staff division has been fully completed.

What’s a marketing department?

The Keepnetics team offers not just tasks fulfillment, but personal and full-time marketing services. Unlike other outsourced agencies, which simply offer solutions, the Keepnetics team will become your inhouse department.

Through our team, you get a full complement of employees who will become part of your enterprise and the main marketing specialist who will manage your project.

If you don’t have a marketing specialist on your staff, or if you don’t have enough power to cover all possible channels for promotion, we will help you.

Advantages of collaboration of a type

  • Get "maximum at your own expense", thanks to the experience and high expertise of our specialists;
  • You will not be concerning the organization of the work space;
  • Your project will be developed by a staff of specialists in the field;
  • You will achieve an outcome that can only be achieved through a well-planned promotion strategy and the work of an entire staff;
  • You will save money by paying only a fixed (actual) amount, not the salaries and expenses provided for regular employees (leave, hospital, taxation, etc.);
  • With the expectation of long-term cooperation, you can avoid the need to seek out and bring additional expertise to the processes.

Integrated approach

In our work we take an integrated approach - we study the peculiarities of the client’s business, concentrate ourselves in the sphere of its activity, analyze the market and ensure the unified work of the marketing and sales department.
A team of well-crafted professionals can cooperate with your regular marketing specialist.

"Good marketing specialist" package 34800 грн

At the price of a good marketer, you get a team that spends 40 hours a week.

"Selling Brand" package 44900 грн

Working with the brand.

The "Absolute Profit" package ≈ 300 $

Full - time Specialists for the vital in your configuration.

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