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We have helped a crucial number of brands to reach a new and up-to-date level, have automated key enterprises. More importantly, we use the most modern technologies to be out of the mainline! Keepnetics is a research and development laboratory that aims to remain leaders within its field. Our team of experts does the best for our sacred goal.

Innovate or die, do you agree?

All our clients are highly satisfied with the creativity, responsibility, and trustworthiness we offer them. Al our latest researches and investigations completely meet the global standards.


We always innovate in our lab! Every single day we develop some new technologies, schemes, and approaches. We create IT-projects of the future with the best perspective and within the shortest time!


If you apply for our services, we will do our best and even more satisfying all your needs. You can be 100 % sure of our abilities and creativity. Be aware that your business will flourish soon!


We realize that innovations are everywhere! Each of us upgrades every single day, improving the inner and outer world. You should keep up with time or just be ignored. We choose the first variant.

  • Web Development

    We develop enterprise products from scratch and modify existing projects. The customers’ requirements are met in full scope. The Keepnetics Lab provides customized websites, applications, corporate ecosystems according to the global standards, modern engineering models and IT trends. The range of our services includes enterprise automation options and high-grade digital branding. If you are searching for the professional team of developers that are able to create or update the high-load systems, you have just found us! Ready to cope with any untrusted task.

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  • Research

    Mark that research benefits business. Let’s boost your digital project together! We provide customers with extremely relevant knowledge and helpful insights for faster business development. This way the excellent commercial image is formed and the most resultative strategies are released. Keepnetics analysts provide comprehensive research based on the trend monitoring and state-of-the-art technological solutions to benefit from. The final point is the well-understandable standardized report with statistical showings and actionable conceptions for business development.

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  • Innovations

    We have the eloquent motto that states the following: “Innovate or die!”. The whole truth lies in this statement. Those who harness innovations are always at the top of the list. We offer to boost your business and make the key enterprise model unique through innovative techniques. Count on our qualitative data science that is necessary for correct strategies formation. Additionally, the Keepnetics team is ready to provide willing corporate and individual consumers with ready-done groundbreaking business solutions or match available groundworks and digitize enterprise in this innovative way.

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Using OWASP awareness document for the high-grade web application security is a must for us, as well as implementation of bug bounty programs and comprehensive audits. This way any possible security defects and vulnerabilities are discovered and eliminated. It follows an extremely positive impact on business

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